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  • Is wireless reverse charging harmful to mobile phones?

    It has to be said that technology is always breaking the cognition that ordinary people are used to. From fast charging to flash charging, wireless charging to reverse charging, we are witnesses and beneficiaries. Similarly, while enjoying technology, we will also have doubts, so today we will ta...

  • The phone is used for a long time, and the power consumption is fast? In fact, most of them are these 3 wrong charging methods.

    In the era of technological Internet, mobile phone application scenarios are constantly expanding, and at the same time the speed of smartphone replacement is getting faster and faster. Whether it is domestic mobile phones Huawei, Xiaomi, or foreign brands Apple, Samsung, these mobile phone bran...

  • Wireless charging rushes to 60W!

    Recently, Renesas Electronics announced the launch of the world’s first 60W power wireless power receiver “P9418″, which can create faster wireless charging for smart phones, portable computers, and notebook devices The P9418 wireless power receiver adopts Renesas’ unique WattShare t...

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Shenzhen Eeon Electronic Technology Limited