A power bank that can start a car can save so much money by turning off the engine several times?

According to survey statistics, the number of motor vehicles in the world has exceeded 3 billion, and car owners will encounter an average of 5 times a year because the battery car has no electricity or insufficient voltage to start the car.

The car has been idle for too long, the battery is aging,

Cold weather, insufficient voltage,

Can easily cause the car to stall,


Every time the flame is turned off,

Not only consumes time of self and others,

There will be losses ranging from 200-500 USD,

And having such a starting power supply,

Will your loss,

One-time settlement.

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It can be started 30 times continuously after one charge,

It can save you tens of thousands of yuan,

And priceless time.


The car is calling,

The phone, iPad, and air conditioner in the car are also calling.

The loneliness of waiting and the sadness without air conditioning,

Let this power bank take it away for you.


As a power bank, it is safe

Has a temperature protection system that is resistant to cold and heat

Ultra-low temperature (-20°C below zero) to ultra-high temperature (60°C in extreme heat)

Can easily cope

Polymer lithium battery

It can withstand the strong current impact of the car’s instant start.

There are also overcharge protection, voltage stabilization protection, constant current protection, short circuit protection, over discharge protection, anti-reverse protection, temperature protection, magnetic field protection, nine protection settings.

car jump start3

It is not only a reliable power bank,

In fact,

It is an all-round bodyguard wearing a power bank coat!

Three-lamp lighting with flashlight mode, strobe mode, and sos mode

Comes with a rigid window-breaking safety hammer function

Has a wind and rain fearless waterproof body, and dust plug design

There is also a small outdoor helper-a compass

And compatible with 99% of digital devices on the market

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Whether you are a diesel car or a gasoline car

Car, van, off-road, motorcycle…

It can save various models

Whether it’s your phone, tablet, or digital camera

PDA, handheld games, learning machines, notebooks…

You can charge as much as you want


This almighty mobile baby

Is your sense of security

More reliable than insurance companies!


Post time: Oct-16-2020