Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of magnetic charging cable!

Advantages of magnetic charging cable:

1. It is very good for the life of the mobile phone socket, and at the same time greatly reduces the scratches near the socket, which can prevent the charging interface of the mobile phone from being broken due to frequent plugging and unplugging, and the number of magnetic suction

The use of the data cable is very convenient. Once you put it next to the cable, it will automatically suck up and start charging or the connection is completed. It is convenient and fast. It can be operated with a single switch, and it can also be used as a charger when not charging.

Function of electric port dust plug.

2. The charging speed is fast, and the magnetic charging line is designed to withstand large current transmission of 5A-30A, which meets the needs of fast charging and excessive current charging for products;

3. Slim size and miniaturization are widely applicable. Different from the traditional data line interface common in life, the new magnetic charging line interface has been slimmed down in size, and can be directly connected without removing the cover.


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4. To meet the product needs of different customers, the magnetic charging cable can be customized according to customer needs, such as circular structure, square structure, long strip structure, special-shaped structure, etc.

Disadvantages of the magnetic charging cable: Although there are many advantages of the magnetic charging cable, there are still some disadvantages, such as the problem of magnetic contact, the poor fit of the interface, and the seam of the interface.


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The gap will cause the data line interface to swing back and forth. When I lift the phone a little more, the charging interruption point will appear when the interface is not disconnected. However, with the continuous improvement of technology

The new progress will be completely resolved in the near future.

Post time: Apr-20-2023