Apple blocked the third party magnetic charger for iPhone12. Have you been recruited?

Apple launched a new magnetic charging wireless charging method from the iPhone12 series, which did bring a certain degree of convenience, and of course, it also gave Apple more ways to attract money. When iPhone12 is upgraded to iOS14.3, the issues such as “device may not be able to charge wirelessly” and “MagSafe dual charger may not charge iPhone12 wirelessly at maximum power” are fixed.


Although the MagSafe charger for iPhone 12 is not satisfactory, it is indeed very convenient to use, so it is favored by many white-collar fruit fans. The mobile phone is very elegant to charge on the desk. Because Apple’s official accessories are relatively expensive, MagSafe wireless chargers are priced at 329 yuan, and MagSafe two-way chargers are priced as high as 1049 yuan, which discourages some fruit fans and can only switch to third-party accessories.
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The Apple MagSafe magnetic charger incorporates a number of new technologies. Before charging, the phone can detect whether it is an official original accessory, and give feedback on the phone charging screen to turn on the maximum power for the official charger, while the third-party charger is limited to 7.5W, or even lower charging power, but after the introduction of restrictions, Apple did not receive the expected results.
After the iPhone 12 was upgraded to iOS 14.3 this time, most of the third-party MagSafe chargers were shown to be invalid. This time Apple is also determined to completely block the third-party MagSafe chargers and directly used its killer. Many netizens who bought third-party magnetic wireless chargers have also been recruited. Nowadays, many third-party chargers have failed in a large area. The third-party magnetic wireless chargers either fail to pop up or do not charge after the popped up.
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The wireless charging pop-up animation of iPhone12 is realized through the interaction between the working frequency of the wireless charger’s transmitter coil and the mobile phone coil. When the transmitting frequency of the wireless charger reaches a certain value, the mobile phone will recognize it. After successful, it can display the pop-up animation, and then enter the wireless charging mode. After entering the wireless charging, the two still need to keep frequent and frequent Faster code interaction.
Although Apple did not directly inform users, they have closed the third-party magnetic charger. Currently, if users want to use wireless charging, they can only use the official MagSafe magnetic charger

Post time: Jan-04-2021