Apple was sentenced to pay users 7,000 yuan for not sending chargers. Why didn’t Apple provide chargers?

The development of the electronic product industry is often the same every year. In many cases, brands will adopt different strategies to stimulate consumers to buy their own electronic products. Taking Apple mobile phones as an example, Apple announced that it will no longer give away chargers. It can stimulate consumers to spend, but in fact it often brings a lot of trouble to the brand. For example, if Apple does not give away the charger, it will show that it will demand compensation of 7,000 yuan for the user in the relevant judgment. This case has reignited the discussion that Apple no longer ships chargers.

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First of all, the official reason given by Apple for not distributing chargers is that Apple sells chargers separately in order to reduce energy waste and environmental pollution generated during the production process. This kind of policy can be found on Apple’s official website. The relevant data sources show that if Apple reduces the distribution of chargers, it can indeed play a certain role in environmental protection, but for consumers , this does not seem to be a wise decision.

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Secondly, if Apple reduces the distribution of chargers, on the one hand, it can reduce its own production costs, and on the other hand, it can stimulate consumers to buy other things from Apple. After all, Apple’s chargers will always be useful or broken. Many users will buy new chargers for use. From this perspective, this policy is a means of hunger marketing to stimulate Apple’s sales and profit.

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In the end, Apple does not distribute chargers. The main reason may be that Apple has to have such a policy because of the fierce competition in the mobile phone market. When the Apple mobile phone no longer comes with a charger, it unintentionally caused a trend in the mobile phone market. As the leader of this trend, Apple mobile phone has very good reasons to formulate other rules. From another perspective, the invisible Among them, the market share of mobile phones occupied by Apple will greatly increase, thereby stimulating users to purchase Apple’s products.

Post time: Nov-17-2022