Apple’s new product launch conference: All iPhone 15 series adopt smart island design, change the USB interface, and high-end models are equipped with periscope lenses for the first time

On Tuesday, September 12th Eastern Time, Apple’s most important new product launch conference of the year opened.

This time it mainly released the new generation of smartphones iPhone 15 series and smart watches. Consistent with previous rumors, the entire iPhone 15 series uses Smart Island, bids farewell to notch screens, and all use USB-C ports. The high-end iPhone 15 Pro series is equipped with Apple’s most advanced A17 bionic chip, and the highest-end model iPhone 15 Pro Max is equipped with a periscope lens for the first time, and the price is $100 higher than the previous generation.

All iPhone 15 use Smart Island and switch to USB-C interface. 15 and Plus are equipped with A16 chip
As the key chip of this conference, the first of the new iPhones to be unveiled is the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. The two sizes of mobile phones have a textured matte finish, tougher ceramic screen glass, and a brighter screen, which is bright outdoors. The brightness can reach 2,000 nits in a safe environment, and the casing is made of 75% recycled aluminum.

Apple said that in order to achieve environmental protection, it is phasing out leather materials in iPhone cases.

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Like the iPhone 14 Pro released last year, both iPhone 15s are equipped with the A16 Bionic chip

iPhone 15 is available in five colors, namely soft pink, yellow, green, blue and black

The battery life is up to 26 hours, and the video playback time is up to 3 hours longer than the iPhone 12.

Consistent with previous rumors, iPhone 15 mobile phones bid farewell to notch screens, all use Smart Island, and all use USB-C interfaces.

Apple said that iPhone 15 will be able to call Roadside Assistance through communication satellites. This means that even without cell service, users can get help on the road when they need it. Apple will provide this help service to iPhone 15 users free of charge for two years.

iPhone 15 Pro uses aerospace-grade titanium, and A17 Pro brings Apple’s redesigned graphics processor
Next, Apple released the high-end model iPhone 15 Pro. Apple said that the iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone to use aerospace-grade titanium in its design. This alloy has also been used in spacecraft for Mars exploration missions. Titanium has the best strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, making it our lightest Pro model yet. The moment you use it, you’ll feel the difference.

In addition, the 15 series will continue to use PD 20W charger



Post time: Sep-13-2023