How to check if my mobile phone supports wireless charging? The latest wireless charging mobile phone

Wireless charging is a hot topic in the mobile phone industry nowadays. The newly released flagship phones of Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi are equipped with wireless charging, so I often hear friends asking which phones support wireless charging? And how do you check whether your mobile phone supports wireless charging? Next, the editor of QYH Qiyuehai Telescopic Cable will talk about how to check whether your mobile phone supports wireless charging.



Test with wireless charger This is the simplest and most direct method. Put the phone on the wireless charger. If charging is displayed, it means that it has wireless charging function, otherwise it does not support it. This test is because the wireless charging mobile phones and chargers currently on the market are compatible with the QI protocol and can be charged immediately.


Check the phone manual If you still have the phone manual, or if there are instructions inside the phone, you can check whether the phone has an introduction to the wireless charging function in the function parameters.

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The latest wireless charging mobile phone If the above two methods are inconvenient, you can take a look at the latest wireless charging mobile phone list below, which basically covers all new and old brand models. It is easy to see whether your mobile phone supports. List of mobile phones that support wireless charging: Apple: iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus, iPhone X Huawei: Mate RS Porsche Edition Xiaomi: Mix2S, Xiaomi 7 (coming soon) Hammer: Nut R1 Samsung: Note5/6/7/8, S6/7/8/9 Edge+ Nokia: Lumia820/830/920/925/928/929/930/1020/1520 LG: G2/3/6+, V30, V30S HTC: HTC 8X (US version), Droid NDA (US version) Google: NEXUS4/5/6/7 Gionee: M7 Plus Asus: PadFone S Sony: Xperia Z3v, Xperia Z4v, Xperia XZ2 ZTE: T84, T85

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Of course, there will be more flagship phones joining the ranks of wireless charging, such as the popular Xiaomi 7 and Huawei P11. It should be noted that mobile phones that do not have the wireless charging function can also realize the wireless charging function by attaching a wireless charging module.

Post time: Nov-16-2020