In this 10.10 shopping promotion, save everything, from Bluetooth earbuds to portable projectors

These handy little earbuds are the winners of the 2020 CES Innovation Award and iF Design Award, and their customized composite cellulose drivers have excellent sound quality and have enhanced 4-microphone call technology that can filter out noise and make calls more than ever Clearer.
The power wheel has gesture-controlled LED lights, which can add some interesting light show effects when charging the phone. The 10W Qi compatible wireless charger is very flexible, and you can adjust it to the angle of the phone for a better viewing experience. LED lights drive you to charge your phone anytime, anywhere!
At the promotional price: OCTSALE20, you can get the Wheel of Power mobile wireless charger for $52.00 (original price $139).
Wirelessly charge your phone on the table while reducing confusion. This Qi charging desk stand comes with a simple magnetic protective cover that allows you to install your iPhone and charge it immediately.
For only US$56.00 (original price of US$116), you can get a home and office suite: Qi charging desk stand + iPhone leather case, promo code: OCTSALE20.
You never know when the disaster will happen while driving, so it pays to be prepared. This incredible tool fits your glove box, which includes flashlights, hole punches and many more other tools to help you solve clogging problems. It even allows you to quickly start the car without the presence of other cars.
For a discounted price of $64.00 (original price $99), you can get the CarAIDE 18-in-1 super safe starter and multi-function tool, promo code: OCTSALE20.
Never guess what color it is! Put this ingenious device on any surface and it will instantly match the color with thousands of brand paints, so you can copy it perfectly later. This is very useful for designers, anyone doing renovations and anyone who likes color!
Clean up video calls when working from home with Pictar Home-Office Kit. The kit includes a clickable wide-angle lens, professional lighting and a flexible tripod, so you can set up the perfect video conference studio anywhere.
This pocket battery brings you a punch! Just take it out to charge Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time, keeping in touch anytime, anywhere.
Buy BatteryPro portable chargers for iPhone and Apple Watch for $80 (originally $99.99), promo code: OCTSALE20.
In most parts of this country, the weather is getting colder and colder, and soon the golf season is over. Fortunately, you don’t have to say goodbye. With PhiGolf, you can conduct simulation rounds anytime, anywhere. With this fully simulated setting, you can learn some of the most famous courses in the world from the comfort of your home.
For only US$199.20 (original price US$249), you can get PhiGolf: a mobile and home smart golf simulator with joystick, promo code: OCTSALE20.
Miss the cinema? This portable projector can be set up at home. This excellent device projects onto surfaces up to 120 inches in 1080p 4K HD resolution. It can be used with Bluetooth, HDMI, and even has onboard memory, so you can store movies and TV shows directly to the projector.
At a promotional price: OCTSALE20 purchases the Lenso Space Pocket Size 4K 32GB projector at a price of US$271.20 (original price US$799).
Struggling at home without a multi-screen setting at home? Use Mobile Pixels TRIO MAX to bring it to your remote workspace. This incredibly portable setup allows you to add two additional screens to your laptop for a seamless three-monitor setup.
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Post time: Oct-11-2020