iOttie wireless car charger is priced at $40 ($15 off) on Amazon Reddit LinkedIn

Many newer cars have built-in wireless charging, and almost every car now has Bluetooth audio. But for those who own an old car but don’t have these exquisite equipment, the iOttie wireless car charger (now discounted from $15 to $39.99 on Amazon) is one of the only ways to play audio and charge at the same time.

This wireless car charger comes with a CD and vent mount in the box, so you can choose the installation solution that best suits you. For Android devices, its wireless charging power is up to 10W. I currently use a regular iOttie stand in an older BMW, and the problem is that my Pixel 4 XL cannot be charged via the USB-C port and connected to the aux cable at the same time. The Bluetooth solution for my car is much more expensive, so I only ordered one of them.
$39.99 is the lowest price in history for this price; the previous lowest price was $49.99. Like Amazon, free shipping. Click the link below to pick up one.

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Post time: Oct-14-2020