iPhone 15 exposure: extreme micro-edge + dual 48 million, wonderful

In the highly competitive mobile phone industry, if a mobile phone manufacturer wants to be invincible, it must make a fuss about product design and experience. As we all know, Apple mobile phone is a very powerful mobile phone manufacturer. As the king of the mobile phone market, Apple mobile phone is second to none in the industry in terms of research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities. Coupled with excellent product experience, Apple mobile phones are getting better and better increasingly popular with consumers. Of course, the industry is progressing, and I believe that Apple’s mobile phones will continue to bring you more amazing products in the future. A set of conceptual drawings of the iPhone 15 has been exposed on the Internet. The design of the phone is quite eye-catching. Let’s take a look next.



iphone 15


iPhone 15 exposure! In terms of appearance design, according to the exposed concept map, the front of this iPhone 15 adopts a full-screen design with extreme micro-edge straight screen. Thanks to the addition of a new generation of COP screen packaging technology, the black border of the screen has been greatly improved. The reduction, and the digging of the smart island replaced the notch design, so with the support of the extreme micro-edge straight screen, the visual effect of the entire front of the phone is very moving. Moreover, the front of this iPhone 15 uses a 6.2-inch super retina level, the peak brightness of the screen has increased to 2000 nits, and this screen has also added 120Hz ProMotion technology, so the screen experience of the phone will usher in a qualitative leap


iphone 15 09


In terms of camera, this iPhone 15 still adopts the classic rear dual-camera design, but the rear dual-camera is integrated in the upper left corner of the back of the phone in an independent form. This design makes the back of the phone look more three-dimensional and layered , Coupled with the sophisticated body design, the texture of the phone has been further improved. Looking at the parameters, it is reported that the machine uses a dual 48-megapixel rear image system with a maximum aperture of f/1.5, and both lenses are integrated with OIS optical image stabilization technology. If this is the case, the dual 48-megapixel image The addition of the system has made a qualitative breakthrough in the camera hardware of the machine, and the camera performance will be greatly enhanced.


iphone 15  89


In terms of core hardware, this iPhone 15 is equipped with the Apple A16 bionic chip with excellent performance. The Apple A16 is based on TSMC’s 4nm process technology and integrates a 6-core CPU and 5-core GPU, plus a neural network processing unit with excellent computing power. , Therefore, with the blessing of Apple A16, the core performance and core experience of the machine will be more guaranteed. Moreover, it is reported that the machine has a built-in 4100mAh battery and provides 50W super fast charging technology at the same time. In addition, the machine is also equipped with core hardware and technologies such as stereo dual speakers and IP68 waterproof and dustproof. If this is the case, then the comprehensive hardware configuration of the machine is also full of sincerity, and the comprehensive experience will be further improved.

iphone 1501

Wonderful! In the iPhone 15 exposed above, the full-screen design with extreme micro-edges brings a pleasing visual effect. The addition of the smart island digging process further enhances the sense of technology of the phone. The addition of a dual 48-megapixel imaging system makes the phone’s camera The performance should not be underestimated, especially the addition of core hardware such as Apple A16 and 4100mAh battery, which makes the overall strength of the mobile phone beyond doubt. If the iPhone 15 exposed above is true, no matter the appearance design or hardware configuration, it will be wonderful! Finally, what do you think of this iPhone 15? Friends are welcome to leave a message to discuss!
In the mobile phone market, the iPhone 14 is a product with excellent performance and experience. The front of the iPhone 14 adopts a comprehensive design of bangs, coupled with black borders of equal width on all sides, so the look and feel of the entire front of the phone is very impressive. satisfy. Moreover, the iPhone 14 uses a 6.1-inch super retina screen, coupled with Apple’s color management, so the display effect and screen experience of the machine are quite good.



Post time: Jun-19-2023