iPhone 15 wireless charging welcomes upgrade: support Qi2 standard

According to reports on May 28, the Apple iPhone 15 series will support the Qi2 wireless charging standard, and the wireless charging power can reach 15W.

According to the data, since Apple launched the iPhone 8 series and iPhone X series in 2017, the iPhone has always supported the Qi wireless charging standard, but the power is only 7.5W. Now the iPhone 15 series will support a new generation of Qi2 wireless charging, and the power will be increased to 15W.



It is reported that compared with the current Qi standard, Qi2 wireless charging technology has the following advantages:

1. Improve energy efficiency: Qi2 adopts magnetic power distribution map technology, which can ensure that the device and charger are perfectly matched, thereby improving energy efficiency and reducing energy waste.

2. Support faster wireless charging technology: Qi2 can provide a higher charging rate, which can meet the needs of users for fast charging.


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3. Improve safety: Qi2 wireless charging technology adopts stricter safety standards to ensure the safety of wireless charging.

In addition, this generation of iPhone will also be upgraded to a USB-C interface, and the transmission speed of the Pro version will be greatly improved.

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Post time: May-29-2023