Is the External Backup power bank friendly to mobile phones? What is the difference between it and ordinary power bank?

The battery life problem has always been a big problem that mobile phone manufacturers have been trying to solve. Normally, in addition to increasing the battery capacity and increasing the charging speed, we can also use the power bank to improve the battery life. The clip-on power bank is favored by many people because of its easy portability. So today, let’s take a look at the difference between the clip-on power bank and the ordinary power bank, and see how it hurts the battery of the mobile phone.


First of all, among the various power banks we buy every day, as long as there is no problem with the quality, then it is no problem for mobile phones.


Since the clip-on power bank is closely attached to the mobile phone, it will generate heat when charging, and the mobile phone itself will also generate heat when it is running. Generally speaking, the heat dissipation of mobile phones is to conduct heat out. If you use a back clip-type power bank to charge, it means that the space for heat dissipation will be further reduced, so it will easily lead to overheating of the mobile phone. The consequence of this is that the mobile phone will automatically suspend operation, which is easy to crash. Only after the temperature drops to a certain safe range, the mobile phone can continue to be turned on and used. Therefore, we must pay attention to observe the temperature of the mobile phone when using the clip-on power bank to avoid overheating, which may cause the mobile phone to freeze or even explode.

Ordinary power bank or clip-on power bank, which has more advantages, and which is more practical?


The advantage of the clip-on power bank is that it is more convenient to carry, and there is no need to buy another data cable. Compared with ordinary power banks, it can avoid the embarrassment and trouble of forgetting to bring the data cable. Most clip-on power banks are custom-made, so they fit more perfectly with the phone and are very convenient to charge.

However, the clip-on power bank also has an obvious disadvantage, that is, its battery capacity is relatively low. Generally speaking, it can only charge the mobile phone once, which is an emergency-type power bank.

And ordinary charging treasure also has his advantages. The most obvious advantage is its larger battery capacity. And because the ordinary power bank appeared earlier, it is more advanced than the clip-on power bank in terms of safety charging and charging speed. The only disadvantage of ordinary power bank is that it is inconvenient to carry, and you need to carry a data cable with you.

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For the above two charging treasures, their respective advantages and disadvantages are very obvious. It is also impossible to directly and definitely judge who is good and who is bad, so I think it should be selected according to the specific situation and personal needs.

Post time: Mar-31-2022