It’s not over after buying a mobile phone, these accessories are cheap and easy to use, it’s worth buying

Nowadays, mobile phone brands still pay more attention to the accessories of mobile phone products, especially domestic mobile phone brands, the film has been pasted for everyone at the factory, and the accessories in the mobile phone box have been equipped with a mobile phone case. Therefore, after the current friends buy the mobile phone, they can already use it happily. However, if you want to make your mobile phone more usable, these accessories are obviously not enough. You might as well take a look at these mobile phone accessories to make your mobile phone more usable. ,


1. TWS earphones

When it comes to what products can be the best match with mobile phones today, TWS earphones are absolutely indispensable. The sense of freedom without wire constraints quickly made people recognize this category very much. Especially in the hot summer now, not to mention wearing headphones, even ordinary wired headphones can make people feel troublesome. Compared with the neck-mounted type, TWS is more relaxing.

Then TWS earphones are also diverse, with noise reduction and long battery life. Here I would like to recommend the vivo TWS 2 true wireless noise-canceling earphones. Of course, it can be used with vivo’s mobile phones to get the best experience, but the mobile phone is worth the price in terms of noise reduction and wearing balance.


2. Wireless Charging Pad

The purchase of this type of product is mainly after the friends have purchased a mobile phone that can be charged wirelessly, and it is very important to purchase an easy-to-use wireless charging pad. Of course, what affects the use of wireless chargers the most? In fact, it is not how fast the charging speed is, but whether it is aligned after putting the phone on it. Yes, why people love and hate MagSafe? What I love is the convenience of magnetic blind operation.

wireless charger  (6)
3. Cooling back clip

If you love games, you must still want to play games more freely, but now that the summer is so hot, it is a big test for the heat dissipation of mobile phones. Although mobile phone brands have tried their best to enhance heat dissipation when designing products, the greater amount of data in the 5G era and the continuous improvement of mobile phone performance still put a lot of pressure on heat dissipation.

Of course, this aspect has also been considered in the accessories, and heat dissipation back clip products have been launched one after another. Through semiconductor refrigeration, the cooling can be used to quickly cool down the mobile phone, strengthen the heat dissipation of the mobile phone, and make the mobile phone more “cool” when playing games.
4. Selfie stick

Friends who like to take pictures will also encounter some troublesome situations when using mobile phones. Of course, the first is the troublesomeness of taking selfies. Headache. Also in the scenic spots, everyone takes out their mobile phones to take pictures, so it is not so easy to keep the scenery.



Post time: Jul-04-2023