Teach you the correct posture for wireless charging. Have you avoided these minefields?

There are actually many application areas for wireless charging, but wireless charging for mobile phones is the most concerned. With the popularization of wireless charging technology on mobile phones, many friends hold mobile phones that support wireless charging, so naturally they want to buy a wireless charger to experience. But today I do not plan to recommend wireless chargers, but to tell everyone how to “use” this stuff! You don’t think you’re done by putting your phone on the charger, right? Naive! Let’s take a look at the editor to see what are the precautions when charging your mobile phone wirelessly~


1. Qi certification

Currently, most electronic products that support wireless charging use the Qi standard. At present, more than 90 mobile phones, including Apple, Samsung and Nokia, have passed the Qi standard certification. Products certified by the WPC Alliance will be marked with a “Qi” LOGO, which means that the charger has been tested and is safe and meets the Qi standard. In order to use the device normally and eliminate potential safety hazards, please use Qi-certified wireless charging accessories.


2. Keep away from high temperature and water

The mobile phone will have some heat when charging. This is normal, because there will be a certain amount of power loss during the charging process. This part of the electrical energy will be converted into heat to keep the phone and the charger warm. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid high temperature environments when using wireless charging, and it is best to buy a wireless charger with heat dissipation function.

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3. Place a flat desktop and turn off mobile phone vibration

If your iPhone has vibration turned on, then when there is a call or a message, the vibration function may cause the iPhone to shift and the charging will be interrupted. If this has happened, please consider turning off the vibration function of the device or using a protective case to prevent movement.
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4. Remove the thick phone case to avoid metal and magnetic materials
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The wireless charging transmission distance is usually 5mm-8mm, so the first thing to pay attention to is the thickness of the mobile phone shell. Especially for those mobile phone shells with 3D decoration, it will definitely affect the charging efficiency. Since wireless charging uses the principle of magnetic field induction to charge the mobile phone, if a magnetic bracket, magnetic protective sleeve or metal object is placed between the mobile phone and the charger, the performance of the charger may be reduced. If you have these sensitive items in your protective case, please take them out before charging and make sure they are not between the back of the phone and the charger.

Post time: Nov-19-2020