Tens of thousands of yuan of iPhone 14Promax, daily frequent charging has an impact on the mobile phone ?

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Does the frequent daily charging of the iPhone 14 Promax have an effect on the phone’s chances?

What you need to know is that most cell phones today use lithium batteries. Lithium battery charging has a rule, lithium battery because it is not memory, so in the process of mobile phone charging, it does not need to be like the previous nickel metal hydride battery, when the mobile phone has no electricity to charge.

So, for the iPhone, there’s no need to constantly grab the phone and wait until it’s at 0% to charge. This is what we usually recommend for lithium batteries.

First, we recommend that the battery of the mobile phone be kept between 30% and 90%, which can ensure the battery’s activity.

Second, we recommend that you in the process of mobile phone battery charging, will recommend that you do not often lower than 20% of the time to charge, so as to ensure the health of mobile phone lithium battery.

Thirdly, in the process of charging our mobile phone, we suggest not to rush to 100% often, because often rushing to 100% will actually affect the security of the mobile phone, because some friends may not pull out the battery at night, let the mobile phone has been charged, so that there may be certain security risks. Although the mobile phone has the function of overcharge protection, but all the time, this way to charge, still will have no small impact on the mobile phone.

We will recommend that you in the process of lithium battery charging, as far as possible, with the way of charging, so as to ensure the activity of mobile phone lithium battery, but also need to know the health of lithium battery, less than 80%, basically can be considered to replace the power supply.

Charging your phone frequently every day doesn’t really affect your phone much. It’s a matter of personal habit!

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