The new WORX 12V multifunctional jump starter with LED lights can provide road trip safety and more

The new WORX 12V multifunctional jump starter with LED light is not your ordinary jumper or emergency light. This multi-functional emergency tool can jump 12V car battery; double as a two-way charger for mobile phones, tablet computers and other small electronic products; and has five combinations of work lights, flashlights and emergency lights.
The portable starter can increase the maximum displacement of gasoline-powered car engines to 4.0 liters, and the maximum displacement of diesel car engines to 3.0 liters. After being fully charged, it can start 30 jumps before it needs to be charged. Its battery status indicator has four LED charging levels. It can also make motorcycles and other machines with 12V batteries jump up.
The jumper comes with a battery charging cable and a cigarette/power port cable for charging in the vehicle. The side switchboard of the jumper has a rubber flip cover shell. Multiple charging stations are shown on the power panel, including a plug-in for charging jumpers, two USB ports for charging small devices, a second plug-in charging port, and a plug-in for jumper cables.
This takes 8 hours. Fully charge the jumper. Use a cigarette/power port cable or charge it via the supplied USB cable and mobile phone or tablet. WORX multi-function jumper has five LED light options, including various configurations, from pure white LED work lights to emergency red or flashing red LED lights. The jumper can also double as a flashlight or flashlight with a stable beam. Unlike incandescent lamps or CFL bulbs, LED lamps do not get hot and maintain a cool touch.
The tubular multifunctional jump starter is made of polymer resin with a transparent plastic lens that can accommodate LED lights. It has a built-in retractable rib hook that can be hung under the car hood, J-hook in a garage, in a closet, tree branch or other places. The jumping starter stands at one end and has a magnetic platform base. It can be installed on vehicles, metal workbenches, tool boxes and folding cabinets or other metal surfaces.
The waterproof 12V jump starter weighs 1.05 pounds. Its automatic starting peak current is 500 amps and its operating temperature range is 1.4ºF to 140°F. The jump starter has reverse polarity protection, which means that if the battery cable is connected to the wrong terminal, it will protect the jumper.
Jump Starter comes with a set of heavy equipment with battery clip, 12V charging cable and USB charging cable. The WORX three-year limited warranty covers Jump Starter.
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Post time: Oct-25-2020