The principle of wireless charging

A wireless charger refers to a charger that does not need a traditional charging power cord to be connected to the terminal device that needs to be charged. It adopts the latest wireless charging technology. The following will introduce the principle of wireless charging.

1. The wireless charging system mainly adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, and realizes the transmission of energy through energy coupling through the coil. When the system is working, the input terminal converts the AC mains power into DC power through the full-bridge rectifier circuit, or directly supplies power to the system with the 24V DC power terminal.

2. After passing through the power management module, the output DC power is converted into high-frequency AC power through the 2M active crystal oscillator inverter to supply the primary winding. The energy is coupled through two inductive coils, and the current output by the secondary coil is changed into direct current by the receiving conversion circuit to charge the battery.

3. A changing magnetic field will produce a changing electric field, and a changing electric field will produce a changing magnetic field, the magnitude of which is related to their rate of change, and the rate of change of the sine function is another sine function, so electromagnetic waves can spread out, and The generation of the induced voltage is related to the change of the magnetic flux, so the changing magnetic field inside the coil generates the induced voltage to complete the charging process.

Post time: Sep-21-2022