This is the correct way to open the back clip battery, have you got it?

The performance of samrt  mobile phone is fun, but Apple has the most troublesome problem. The battery capacity is relatively small and frequently charged. This is the evaluation of many fruit fans over the years. Many people have to put a “brick” in their bag every day, and take it out from time to time to charge and last for the love machine. In fact, with this back clip battery, it beats all power banks, making the phone full of power at all times.

Recommended reason one

The back clip battery has a lot of power, with a battery capacity of 2500-8000 mAh. One charge for it can charge the phone twice, and 40% faster charging, so you don’t have to wait. The thin and light body will hardly increase your burden when placed with the mobile phone. In addition to its super endurance, it can easily solve a more important problem – it meets the requirements of flight, and can be brought on the plane to accompany you to travel around the world. And it is made of aviation material, which is durable and not afraid of falling, and can also protect your love machine from damage.

Backup battery (9)

Recommended reason two

For many digital products, the most feared state is “fever”, especially mobile phone charging treasures. As long as a “fever” occurs, the body will be hot and the battery will run down quickly, and it will also cause safety accidents. Think about it. horrible. And this back clip battery uses a polymer cell, which refuses to get hot in hot summer, thereby extending its service life. Moreover, it can also realize “charging + data transmission two-in-one”. When transferring data, it can be used directly without removing the battery. Isn’t it very convenient!


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Recommended reason three

“Fool-style” loading and unloading is very fast to use, and simple is also a pleasure. With its existence, you don’t have to worry about interfering with the signal of the mobile phone. The upgraded disassembly port makes the signal of the mobile phone unimpeded. There is also a hidden stand behind the battery, you don’t need to put another phone stand when you watch movies while eating, you know! The smart charging function of the back clip battery is very considerate. It is fully charged and automatically powered off when it is fully charged. You say, it is not boring.

Technology changes life. Don’t let the heavy charging treasure in your backpack block the poem and the distance, put on clothes that can last your love machine, and accompany you through a longer life. Life is so good, the mobile phone is out of power, and I change a back clip battery and continue to brush up my ticket circle with a smile.

Post time: Apr-20-2022