This operation by Apple was expressly prohibited, and now consumers cheered!

In the past two years, the European Union has ordered that mobile phones sold in its region must use the USB-C interface uniformly, otherwise it will restrict sales in its region. This regulation will be implemented in 2024. This wave of operations actually pointed the signs directly at Apple, which means that if Apple cannot replace the interface of the mobile phone with USB-C before 2024 and still insists on using the Lightning interface, it will not be able to sell in the EU. This regulation has undoubtedly brought great pressure to Apple. As a top commercial company, is Apple really so easy to compromise?

We all know that Apple has not used the USB-C interface, but chose its own Lightning interface, mainly because it does not want to give up its high MFi certification fee. At present, if you want to charge your Apple mobile phone properly, you must use a third-party data cable certified by MFi, or use an Apple original data cable. If you use an Apple data cable that has not passed the MFi certification, the Apple phone may not be able to charge normally.

Since the choice of the Lightning interface is mainly to collect the MFi certification fee, the Apple mobile phone previously advertised on the Internet will use the USB-C interface, but will still add the MFi certification chip. As before, if you use a data cable with a USB-C interface that has not passed the MFi certification (such as an existing Android phone data cable), you will not be able to charge the phone normally, or limit the charging power and data transmission speed. In this case, the EU will force the unification of data lines, making it difficult to achieve common data lines


Recently, things have ushered in a turning point. The European Union once again warned Apple, requiring Apple not to restrict the functions and transmission speeds of data cables that have not obtained MFi certification, otherwise they will still not be able to sell in the EU. In this regard, Xiao M has to say that the European Union is really powerful. After this wave of operations, even Apple has to give up its high MFi certification fee. After all, the loss of abandoning the EU market is even greater, and it will even be directly cheaper to its competitor Samsung.

For consumers, a unified interface is undoubtedly beneficial. The previous Apple Lightning data cable with MFi certification cost at least 30 yuan, and the original data cable cost 149 yuan, while an ordinary USB-C data cable only cost 10 yuan. At the same time, when you forget to bring the data cable when you go out to charge, you don’t need to borrow Lightning’s from someone to borrow it. Any data cable is enough. The unified data cable makes charging more convenient. In addition, after the interface is unified, the utilization rate of the data lines in hand can be increased, the purchase of new data lines can be reduced, and it is more environmentally friendly. So, do you support this wave of EU operations?

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Post time: May-08-2023