Type-c interface is better than Micro, why can’t it get rid of it?

Everyone should know that there are three types of mobile phone interfaces for all brands on the market, namely Type-c, Micro and Lightning interfaces. But five years ago, before the Type-c interface came out, almost all the interfaces of mobile phones, power banks, and small appliances were Micro.

When the Tpye-c interface was first popularized, many people didn’t know its name. Many people who used Huawei phones called it the Huawei port. Later, when more and more mainstream Android phones used the Type-c interface, everyone knew it. real name.

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At present, the Tpye-c interface has replaced the Micro and has become the standard configuration of mainstream mobile phones. The reason is that it is convenient enough, can be plugged in front and back, will not harm the phone, and can support faster charging power, and realize the conversion to HDMI or VGA cable. Connect the monitor for wireless display.

Although the Tpye-c interface function is practical and convenient, in terms of its widespread use, Micro is still the leader of the interface industry. Do you know why?

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The Huawei Mate 20 and Mi 6X I use now are both Type-c interfaces, so sometimes I also produce Type-c which is the mainstream of Android phones, and none of them, but in fact Micro is the mainstream.

Take Zhongguancun’s search results as an example. There are 1977 phones with Micro interface, and only 667 with type-c interface, which is almost three times the difference in number.

Nowadays, many people are pursuing the ultimate experience. They don’t choose non-flagships, but there are also many people who are still using thousand yuan phones, or even cheaper ones. They don’t play games, they don’t have high requirements on mobile phones, and they don’t even know how to play. For mobile phones, they voted with their feet, and Type-c is doomed to be an upstart, unable to truly win over the Micro interface.

It is both new and expensive, and naturally it is not yet popular and has not spread.

If you buy a Micro data cable, you can buy a good one, even if it is 9 yuan and 9 free shipping. But if it is Type-c, the price is often lower than the Apple line, but higher than the Micro line.

What do ordinary people care about most when buying a data cable? Practical and quality. Although most flagship phones use Type-c interface, the cost is higher than Micro interface, and the price will be higher. Not to mention that there are still many people’s mobile phones with Micro interface, so the price also affects Type-c. One of the market factors of the interface.

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One more thing, because the Micro interface cable is not hard to find. If you only look at the flagship phone in your hand, you will naturally not see it, but if you look closely at such things as handheld fans, humidifiers, and night lights, most of the charging cables are also Micro interface. Moreover, the cost of buying a Micro data cable is not high, and it is versatile.

Of course, there are also night lights and power banks with Type-c interfaces, but they are relatively few.


Finally, the Type-c interface is indeed more functional and practical than Micro, but many products on the market do not need such a multifunctional interface, so the Micro interface is still just needed.

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Post time: Oct-26-2020