What is the difference between wireless charging and wired power bank?

What is the difference between wireless charging and wired power bank?

Although they are charging devices such as smart phones, there are still some differences between the two.

Simply put, wireless charging is more convenient and does not require wire winding, which can eliminate the trouble of wire; while wired power bank is faster in charging speed. For example, the secretary-general is a wired power bank that supports PD two-way fast charging and charging The speed is faster than general products.


Wireless charging: You need the mobile phone bai to support wireless charging or with a wireless charging receiver du to use it. The feature is that you don’t need to use the data cable to plug in the mobile phone, and the dao can be charged directly on the wireless charger, which can effectively reduce the wear and tear on the mobile phone interface. Due to the length of the cable, most wireless chargers have the function of preventing overcharge, so the mobile phone does not worry about charging until it is bright overnight.
Wired charging: For example, use the original charging head and data cable to connect the mobile phone to charge, that is, the traditional charging method, which needs to be unplugged frequently. The wireless charging is 10W standard, and the wired input power can reach 15W, so wired charging is usually faster than wireless charging.

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Power bank: Compared with the above two, the power bank is characterized by no need to connect the power strip, and the mobile phone can be charged wherever you go. It is very convenient and essential for travel. The power bank needs a data cable to connect to the mobile phone interface.


The wireless power bank does not need interface support, it can be used as long as it supports wireless charging. This will be more convenient. At present, wired power banks need to meet many interfaces, such as Android’s Micro USB, Type-C and Apple’s Lightning interface, and there may even be other niche interfaces.

The wireless power bank does not have these problems and is not restricted by the data line category.wireless power bank13


The wireless charging gets rid of the distance limitation of the data line to the mobile phone, and it is charging immediately. For example, Pocket Pocket Air is a very good wireless power bank product, which supports charging when you put it on, and it can be charged with one stick.



Post time: Nov-12-2020