What is the principle of wireless charging? Why are mobile phones now using wireless charging?(二)

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Radio wave charging is different from the two charging methods mentioned above. It configures radio wave transmitting equipment on the power supply side and radio wave receiving equipment on the power receiving side, and uses DC voltage output and input to achieve Perform power transmission. The advantage is that the transmission speed is faster in the middle of the transmission interval, but the disadvantage is that the stability and safety are relatively low, and a certain cost is required to invest in research and development.

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The principle of electric field coupling wireless charging is to transmit electric power by coupling two groups of asymmetric dipoles in a vertical direction to generate an induced electric field. Suitable for short-distance charging, the conversion efficiency is also high, and the location can be not fixed; but the disadvantage is that it requires large-scale equipment and low power.

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Therefore, among the four current wireless charging methods, the electromagnetic induction wireless charging scheme is the most mature and the most widely used in commercial applications. For example, the various wireless chargers that our mobile phones need to use use this technical scheme. However, as mentioned earlier, it also has the shortcomings of short transmission distance and charging efficiency that is easily affected by the deviation of the placement position, so it is also complained as “pseudo wireless” charging.

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But in any case, as far as the current level of technology is concerned, the electromagnetic induction wireless charging scheme is the most worthy of use. It also provides a solution for the charging method of smart phones, and the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages. And while improving the convenience of charging, it also unifies all kinds of chargers to some extent, reducing the waste of resources. In the future, wireless charging will become a trend.

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Post time: Apr-20-2021