Why does iPhone display battery health, but Android does not? I never thought of the real reason

As we all know, the iPhone has added the battery health function a long time ago. You can easily see the health percentage of the mobile phone battery in the system settings.

It is normal for the battery of an Apple mobile phone to lose more than 20% in one year. Therefore, when the battery is still under warranty and the battery efficiency is less than 80%, the battery can be replaced at Apple’s after-sales service for free.

Then we have a question, why can Apple check the battery health function, but Android can’t?


In response to this problem, many netizens speculate that the domestic Android device is charging too fast. You must know that the charging of Apple mobile phones is very slow. In the past few years, they have been using the ancestral 5V1A. Only in recent years have they started to use fast charging. The highest is that the iPhone 13 Pro Max just released this year supports 27W charging.

On the other hand, Android devices have already supported 90W and 100W. Basically, it can be fully charged in a dozen minutes or half an hour. At this time, everyone will think that this is because the charge is too fast and the loss is too fast. Therefore, the manufacturer deliberately did not add this query function because they did not dare to let everyone see the loss of the battery. After all, no one can accept the linear decline in battery consumption of their mobile phones.

Regarding this issue, as early as last year, Zhang Xuan, the product director of OnePlus, said that most people think that the battery loss of Android phones will be more serious than that of iPhone is wrong.
The core of the iPhone is the accuracy of the fuel gauge and battery calibration, and Android is not good enough in this aspect, and it is not accurate in terms of power loss calibration. And this is the real reason why Android does not do this function. And at the end, I also explained a wave for my OnePlus mobile phone, saying that OnePlus chose a 800-cycle long-life battery (800 cycles not less than 80%).

It is normal for the iPhone to be used for at least 80% for a year. This is to explain that the battery quality of OnePlus mobile phone can be the same as that of iPhone, and there is no situation that the battery of Android phone will be poor.

For the mobile phone’s ability to check the battery health percentage, the iPhone was originally set up because everyone was dissatisfied with Apple’s down-clocking of the old iPhone and added it. Android phones do not need to add this feature.

The quality of Android devices has improved significantly in recent years. As long as they are used properly and persisted for 3-4 years, there is no problem. What’s more, according to statistics, the frequency of Chinese people’s replacement of mobile phones is generally every 2 years, and the current mobile phone configuration is more than enough to meet this condition.



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Post time: Dec-09-2021