Will power banks hurt our mobile phones? These 2 factors are very important

As people’s reliance on smartphones has deepened, the contradiction between mobile phone battery life and user needs has also intensified. In the past few years, the power bank can be said to be a product that many smart phone users must bring when they go out. Many people even used it as an important source of supplementary power. However, in the mobile phone market in recent years, major mobile phone manufacturers have gradually begun to pay attention to the battery life of mobile phones, such as increasing the capacity of mobile phone batteries, launching various types of fast charging, etc., so nowadays power bank seems to be increasingly important to us Weakened, and there are even signs of fading out of our daily lives. Regarding the power bank, I believe many users will still have questions, such as whether using a power bank to charge electronic products will damage the battery?

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Will long-term/short-term use of power banks to charge electronic products cause damage?

In essence, a power bank is a power supply that can be carried with you but with limited capacity. When we use a power bank to charge an electronic product, the electronic product will first send a piece of data from the power management chip to the power bank. When the power bank receives this part of the data, it will provide a reasonable voltage and current according to the requirements of the electronic product. In this case, even long-term use of power banks to supplement power for our electronic products will not have any impact on electronic products. However, if our power bank cannot provide current and voltage according to the data required by our electronic products, so that there is an overload phenomenon, then the battery life may be shortened at this time, or even an explosion may occur.

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Why do you feel that the charging speed is slower than normal when charging electronic products with a power bank?

I believe that many of the above doubts have been encountered by friends who have used power banks. In fact, this phenomenon is not our guess, but a real existence. With the increasing demand for power banks from users, all kinds of power banks should be born, so the quality of power banks is mixed. If we buy a low-quality power bank, the poor quality mentioned here is not necessarily a three-no product. Some qualified products may also have excessive resistance due to low-quality materials, which leads to conversion currents. The efficiency is low. For example, we bought ten buckets of spring water from the villagers, and the village name agreed, but because the road was too congested during transportation, a lot of spills were spilled on the road, so when it arrived, there might be only eight buckets of spring water. The same is true for Bao, because the loss in the transmission process is too large, so the actual current transmission does not meet the needs of our equipment, so the charging speed is slow.

What aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing power banks?

No matter what kind of product you are buying, the most basic thing is to pass the quality inspection standard brick, such as 3C or ISO certification. Secondly, we should pay attention to two very important factors when purchasing power banks. One is the volume and the other is the conversion rate. Here I want to solemnly explain to you that, to some extent, the capacity of a power bank is proportional to its volume, so it is impossible for a power bank the size of a card to have a power bank of 20,000 or 30,000 mAh. So don’t trust the false propaganda of some unscrupulous businesses.


Another factor, “conversion rate”, can be simply understood as the real capacity of the power bank. Since the power loss will inevitably exist when the power bank is working, each power bank will have a certain conversion rate. The higher the conversion rate, the greater the actual power of the power bank, so we can choose products with a high conversion rate when buying power banks.

In addition to the above two factors, when buying a power bank, we should also pay attention to the current and voltage required by our mobile phone, and then use this as the standard to select a power bank. In fact, many electronic products have other functions such as overcharge protection. With this feature, so don’t worry too much


Post time: Jan-06-2021