Wireless charging rushes to 60W!

Recently, Renesas Electronics announced the launch of the world’s first 60W power wireless power receiver “P9418″, which can create faster wireless charging for smart phones, portable computers, and notebook devices

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The P9418 wireless power receiver adopts Renesas’ unique WattShare technology, which can provide up to 60W of power in a single chip, and is highly integrated. It is a single-chip wireless power receiver/transmitter IC that can be configured to transmit or transmit through magnetic induction. Receive AC power signal.


In addition, it also supports IOUT current detection accuracy, can enhance foreign object detection capabilities, conforms to WPC 1.2.4 standards and various proprietary charging modes, supports two-way communication and encrypted proprietary authentication.

wireless charger

The solution is based on the ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit embedded processor core, with a package size of 4.22×2.82×0.50 mm, integrated MTP non-volatile memory, supports updating firmware and device functions, and supports I2C 400kHz standard interface and GPIO.

It can also be combined with Renesas’ power management products, including USB-C power supply and battery charging solutions, to accelerate application development.



Post time: Jan-12-2021